Jonathan Groth

Executive Chef

A graduate of Chef Kurt Fleischfresser 's three-year culinary apprenticeship program, Jonathan has taught the art of cooking at Platt College (where he started a Dungeons & Dragons group with his fellow instructors) as well as worked as executive chef at some of Oklahoma City's finest establishments. He is currently Chef de Cuisine at Rococo Restaurant & Bar.

It was the Tasting Room, however, that whetted his appetite for creating unique, event-centered menus. Whether it be shawarma to fuel the fight in your Avengers, a feast fit for Vikings, or futuristic space cuisine, your adventurers will get what they want.

During your consultation call, Jonathan will discover:
  • What types of cuisine and dining experiences your party enjoys. Burgers and fries with your fingers, all the right cutlery on a white tablecloth, or somewhere in between? 
  • If you're interested in the menu connecting thematically to the game.
  • Any special dietary requirements or concerns. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or other, Jonathan will work with you to make a successful menu for all attendees.
Jonathan is excited to discuss the culinary adventure you and your party have been waiting for!
Joshua Unruh

Master of Ceremonies

With decades of experience as a tabletop gamer and a professional storyteller, there's no adventure Joshua can't bring to your table. He's mastered hundreds of different rules systems and has even worked as a game designer himself.

In addition to his tabletop gaming experience, he's also a writer with novels, screenplays, short stories, and more to his credit. You can see some of his work as an author at . Now, he can create a unique storytelling experience just for you and your party to play through.

During your consultation call, Joshua will discover:
  • What genre of stories you and your group enjoy. Do you want to fight dragons with mystical fireballs, travel the vast distances between stars, or discover the inner workings of your own hearts?
  • If anyone will be the guest of honor that evening. The adventure can be tailored specifically so that this person receives the most spotlight.
  • The level of rules complexity you and your group enjoy.

Joshua can't wait to speak with you about the evening of adventure you'd most enjoy!