Joshua Unruh

Master of Ceremonies

Jonathan Groth

Executive Chef
Adventures From Scratch gives you a completely unique evening of dining and tabletop gaming enjoyment. First, a menu prepared to your specific tastes by a classically trained chef. Then, a collaborative fiction experience created just for your party by a master storyteller. Both a culinary and storytelling adventure truly made from scratch.
  1. Tools of the Trade
  2. Fill Out Those Stats
  3. Map the Dungeon
  4. Skeleton Shooter
  5. Night at the Graveyard
  6. Impasse at the Ruined Towers
  7. Battle is Joined at the Ruined Towers
  8. Tower Defense
  9. Dragon Assault
  10. The Fiery Danger of Dragons
  11. Leathery Wings of Death
  12. Battle with Monstrous Beasts
  13. Valiant Warriors
  14. Adventurers in Turmoil
  15. Who Will Be Victorious?
  16. Can the Castle Stand?
  17. Beware the Fiery Breath
  18. Prepare for Dragons
  19. Brave Knights
  20. Midnight Battle
  21. Undead Minions of Doom
  22. Crypts of Terror
  23. Aiming At the Dragon
  24. Dragon's Eye View
  25. Monster Mash
  26. Crypt Keeper
  27. Consumme
  28. Cod in Cream Sauce
  29. Vegetarian Delight
  30. Coffee Rubbed Steak
  31. Crisp Salad
  32. Delicious Dessert